I am sure that to most of you setting up a multi repo project is an absolute "nobrainer" since you probably have worked with Idea IDE for many years. This post is for the rest of us who struggle with setting this up correctly for a little while. I used Eclipse in the past where one can open as many projects at a time as necessary. Later I moved on to sublime editor where one does not see projects - it takes a different approach by working on folders and files.

With CLion we take another approach. In the Jetbrains family of IDEs like CLion one window represents exactly one project. You can open multiple IDE windows but for different projects. Do not get me wrong - I like the simplicity and beauty of this approach!

My embedded C project (now) has the following structure:

  • one root folder (/home/mark/devel/epic)
  • subfolder epiclibs (the embedded robot library and tools project)
  • subfolder epicsamples (some simple sample apps to demonstrate how to use epiclibs)
  • subfolder epic (the actual robot applications)
  • subfolder docs/html (branch "gh-pages" of the epiclibs repo)
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In my last blog entry I explained how I refactored the build system of my robotics library. As a matter of fact having a single Makefile build system for the project was part of the preparation to start using Clion.

I always wanted my program editors to be blazingly fast so I am able to focus on the problem at hand. Think "distraction free editors". In the more distant past I always preferred ultra fast editors like vi or emacs over the very slow ones like for example Eclipse. This fast editors can handle all the usual work and plugins are available even for the most exotic tasks. But sometimes I missed some features of the heavy IDE style editors.

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If you visited my site before then you probably know that I am always watching out for some cool robotics stuff. I was looking for some C code samples for magnetic encoders when I stumbled over something really exiting. I didn't knew about BB-8 before... Now I can't wait for X-Mas to go the movies!

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